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For the past 24 years Dr. Waddell has taken care of club level, high school, college and professional athletes to help them regain and maintain their Performance Edge in their sports or athletics. Dr. Waddell is an athlete himself, having competed in competitive swimming and football in high school and both football and rugby in college and played at the top level in the men's recreational hockey league. (see attached picture) Through his years as an athlete, having studied kinesiology and exercise physiology, he understand athletes and their unique needs and desires. You can trust him to help you reach and maintain the next level in your sport or athletic field.

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Athletes Helped By Drs. Waddell

Don Nava

Coach And Fitness Expert

I have spent the majority of my life in and around the sports world, as an athlete, coach and author. I have trained pro football players in the NFL, including notable players like Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice. I have built very successful team building programs at fortune 100 companies like Cisco, NIKE and AT&T. I have developed The Totally Fit Life program, which is a life-changing system designed so that a person can be successful in key areas of their life.

Chiropractic care has always been a regular part of my health and preventative maintenance routine. I've been searching for a chiropractor that not only has the ability to address any immediate issues but has the skill to construct a program for my long term health goals.

I personally know many quality chiropractors in Silicon Valley, however I chose Dr. Scott because he is in a league all his own. He understands my needs as an athlete and as a coach. Thank you for helping me reach and maintain my health goals.

Dallas Moore

Professional Soccer Player

I suffered from severe neck and back pain that was affecting my daily life and preventing me from being able to play soccer at the level that I wanted. It had bothered me for many months, and was a constant 'pain in the neck', literally. Seeking out the best care possible, I was referred to Dr. Scott Waddell.

But after just a few visits with Dr. Waddell, I experienced positive results and became a huge believer!

The changes in my health and well-being affecting my life and soccer career are dramatic! I no longer experience constant back and neck pain in my daily life and am able to play soccer at the highest level possible. Thank-you so much for your incredible care.

Johnathan Flowers

San Francisco

Having been a professional athlete and a soldier in the military I had a laundry list of physical issues and limitations. Nagging injuries, age and even belief had me thinking my days of being truly athletic were behind me. Drs. Scott and JenniferWaddell proved me wrong. Having my body corrected to what is should be has given me a vital part of myself back. I am able to run and lift like I never thought I'd be able to again. Injuries I had suffered no longer affect me, I am more flexible, active and in the best shape I have been in years.

Thank you Drs. Waddell, I am eternally grateful to you both. Regardless of your level of fitness, age, or gender, I would recommend Drs. Waddell to anyone. All you have to lose is your pain, being inflexible and being unhealthy.

Rosalinda Masler

Volleyball Player and Trainer

I feel extremely lucky to have met Drs. Scott and Jennifer Waddell. From my first visit, I experienced nothing but the highest quality of care. They focus on my individual needs and provide me with an impressive professional and holistic approach to chiropractic care, unlike anything I've ever experienced. It is always a great experience at Waddell Wellness and Performance.

I would recommend Dr. Scott and Dr. Jennifer's care to any athlete who wants to improve performance and stay injury free.

The Waddell's truly help you to live a well-rounded, healthy life with longevity and happiness.

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